Founded in 2015, from the ashes of GSM Magazine, Dircksey is Edith Cowan University’s editorially independent student magazine, funded by the ECU Guild.

Our goal is to simply exist, and continue to do so, for 2 reasons:

  • to allow past and present students to be published,
  • to entertain, inform and inspire the ECU and greater community.

We print 6 themed editions a year, which are distributed around all three ECU campuses and over Perth. They are absolutely free so start collecting yours today or view our digital print issues here.

We also publish articles, creative writing and reviews on this website. Online content does not adhere to themes or deadlines, so you can write to your hearts desire when your heart desires it!

Past Editors

2018: Holly Ferguson

2017: Holly Ferguson

Films Editor: Zachary Sheridan

Art & Literature Editor: Tristan Sherlock

2016: Kitty Turpin

Music Editor: Mae Anthony

Films Editor: Sarah Stopforth

Art & Literature: Rhys Tarling

2015: Michael Donnelly

Meet your current team here.