Top 10 Most Iconic and/or Powerful Moments of 2017

By Tristan Sherlock

Considering the year’s end is upon us it seems only fitting to write a list of top moments in 2017. Now, I know that everyone is doing this, but they’re fun and we all enjoy them. Considering 2017 has been … interesting I’ve decided to go ahead and list the top 10 most iconic, shocking or ‘humanity-restoring’ moments. Now in no particular order, here is my list of Top 10 Iconic Moments, that I remember, of 2017:

  1. That mix-up, but more importantly Moonlight winning an Oscar.

On the 26th of February as queer people, people of colour and especially queer people of colour begged and prayed to every form of higher power, La La Land was announced as Best Picture. As the La La Land team began their thanks, producer Jordan Horowitz announced the mix up and Moonlight’s win. Despite the ‘mix-up’ Moonlight winning is still iconic. Moonlight not only tells the story of a black gay man coming to terms with his identity, but it is the first Best Picture winner staring black people that isn’t primarily about racism, slavery or the civil rights movement.

  1. Wonder Woman happened

Not only did 2017 make history by giving us our first Female-Led Superhero Film but Wonder Woman smashed at the box office. Grossing 821.9 million world-wide, with its opening of 100 million being the biggest ever for a female-directed film. Wonder Woman proved that giving audiences what they want can really pay off. Not only that, but Wonder Woman was a critical success and has become a turning point for female representation on the big screen.

  1. #MeToo and Hollywood

If one good thing happened this year, people got what they deserved. Especially those in Hollywood. After celebrities started coming out about their struggles with sexual assault in their industry, the #MeToo movement began. This movement gave people the courage to announce what they had been through, or simply tell people that they too had been through something similar. #MeToo was a powerful movement that not only brought people together but showed the severity of sexual assault.

  1. Taylor Swift’s Come Back

Who hasn’t wanted to erase their social media and start anew? Get rid of those old high-school photos and the embarrassing status updates? Well Taylor Swift did what we all dream of doing (and probably should do) when she erased all her social media accounts in the lead up to the announcement of her sixth studio album, Reputation. Now say what you will about Taylor Swift and Reputation, Swift’s return and that snake had the world guessing and you can’t deny that it was an iconic move.

  1. Rihanna’s Make Up Line, Fenty Beauty

*insert Gif of Gina Linetti saying ‘To Rhianna, because I love Rihanna’*

  1. Kesha and that High Note

Kesha herself made a pretty impressive comeback this year, with her new album Rainbow. But what was most impressive and iconic was the high note she hit in the album’s first single, Praying. Not only did this high note manage to sum up the emotion and power behind the song but it was also totally unexpected. Honestly, I’m still stunned whenever I hear it.

  1. Manchester Concert

On June 4th, just 11 days after the tragic attack that occurred after Ariana Grande finished performing at the Manchester Arena, which killed 22 people, the One Love Manchester benefit concert was held. This benefit concert raised over 24 million, with 250,000 euros being given to the families affected by the bombing. This concert really showed just how powerful coming together can be.

  1. Woman’s March

We’ve all seen the pictures of Trump’s Inauguration, which in its self is quite funny but what really topped off this moment was the estimated 3 times larger attendance to the Woman’s March, and that was just the Washington March. This March advocated for woman’s right, LGBTQ+ rights, POC rights, immigration reforms and much more. The Woman’s March also helped to lay out the #MeToo movement, while also prompting other marches against inequality.

  1. Beyoncé is cast as BEYONCÉ?!?

I know I was excited enough for Donald Glover to be in the Live Action remake of Disney’s the Lion King, but when the full cast of the film was announced no one seemed to pay much attention to anyone else other than Beyoncé who had been cast as Nala. Obviously, memes followed quite quickly and the internet had a field day. But, and I know I speak for almost everyone when I say, I’m so ready! My favourite Disney movie with Beyoncé? I still think I’m dreaming.

  1. Beyoncé and her twins.

Yo, other pregnant people, I’m really happy for you and Imma let you finish, but Beyoncé has one of the best pregnancy photos of all time.

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