REVIEW: Elk Road Solid Gold Feat Julia Stone

December 13, 2017
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By Jackson Lavell-Lee

Perth producer Elk Road has teamed up with Australian music queen Julia Stone for the summer’s biggest pop EDM collaboration track named Solid Gold. Look forward to this one being played at every barbeque and pre-drinks throughout the holiday period. Indie pop princess Stone recently released a new album Cellar Door with brother Angus, but this track will outpoll that entire album in Triple J’s hottest 100. With its guitar riff layer, catchy lyrics and vibrant chorus it’s a sure dance floor starter for woo girls and drunk, horny footballers alike. The ‘easy listening’ element appeals to a large demographic and it has a very similar beginning to A&J’s 2010 hit Big Jet Plane creating a familiarity that allows for a trashy nostalgia. All this said and done, it has a funky beat and will achieve some undeniable publicity and profit for Elk. I give this song two out of five salmonella snaggers.



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