A Measured Collective Launch Review

December 23, 2017
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By Jackson Lavell-Lee

On Thursday night, El Groto in Scarborough was taken over by the launch of A Measured Collective a brand spakin’ new music management team fronted by Keeley Conolly and Bec Parker. Artists such as Keely herself, Reuben De Melo and psych rock band Post Depression Make-out Session graced the stage for a very cruisey night of acoustics and mellow rock by the beach. Keely opened proceedings with her lovely voice bringing the packed crowd forward before Reuben stole the hearts of every breathless lady in the house with his bluesy folk.

The highlight of the night however was the main act Post Depression Make-out Session who delivered a blistering, hair down, hands up, dance around set of mesmerizing time signature changes, flawless drumming and otherworldly plucking guitar. You could barely toe tap without bumping into a sun bleached, tan skinned dude or dudette boogying down in the careless free-for-all that was the dance floor. Like a Winston Surfshirt gig, PDMS bring the groove.

If you like this then keep your eyes peeled for two new PDMS tracks to be released (with a video clip) early next year.

Check out PDMS live on Feb 15th at the Sewing Room.

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