November 6, 2017
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Join the 2018 Dircksey Team!

Apply now to join a Dircksey Team! 

Dircksey is looking to create teams for 2018 to produce content for Dircksey’s print issues and online platforms. These positions will look attractive on resumes, expand your portfolio and provide excellent experience in working for a publication and as a team; PLUS you get your work in print!

As a team member you will have opportunities to interview various people and attend events correlating to your area of expertise (gigs, film showings, conferences). You’ll also also get to attend launch parties for each issue where all of Dircksey comes together to celebrate everyone’s hard work!

Dircksey is here to help you advance and develop your skills and portfolios. Being part of a team will allow you to have more involvement in the magazine and you will receive a special credit in each issue you contribute to.


The Teams

Film & Video Team

As a member of the Film & Video Team you will:

  • Help create a short promo video for each issue (4 issues)
  • Attend advanced screenings and Media screenings to review upcoming films
  • Assist in creating short creative pieces and/or short story pieces (current affair, human interest, interviews, etc.)

Design Team

We’re looking for:

  • Photographers
  • Graphic designers
  • Any visual artists

As a member of the Design Team you will:

  • Create art for each print issue
  • Have the opportunity to have your art featured over a spread (2-4 pages)
  • Create art accompanying articles and other pieces of writing
  • Attend art show openings
  • Review

General reporters and Columnist Team

As a member of the General reporter and columnist Team you will:

  • Report on ‘on campus’ and ‘off campus’ issues
  • Have the opportunity to interview various talents
  • Have the opportunity to receive press passes for various events (to report on)
  • Report on guild and university politics
  • Report on Local, State, and Federal politics
  • Inform students on need to know issues
  • Have a platform to publish your writing on a regular basis

Creative Writing Team

We’re looking for creative writers of all sorts!

As a member of the Creative Writing Team you will:

  • Have the opportunity to review new releases
  • Publish your creative writing in print and online

Music Team

We’re looking for musicians and music enthusiasts!

As a member of the Music Team you will:

  • Review the latest releases in music
  • Attend gigs to review
  • Interview musicians
  • Have the opportunity to attend music festivals on a press pass to review

How to join/apply

If you’re interested in being part of a Dircksey Team you must be an ECU student (although you may still contribute if you are not a current ECU student).

  • In 200-250 words tell us about yourself and which team you would like to be part of and why
  • Send an example of some previous work (can send a drop box or YouTube link if file is too large to send via email)
  • Don’t forget to include your full name and a number we can contact you on

If you’re interested in being a Team Leader (will include a title credit) please specify that in your submission.

Send applications (and any questions to)

Don’t see a team that quite fits you here? That’s okay, send us an email or message our Facebook page and we can find a position for you and/or create a team relevant to your area of interest.


* To apply for a Section/Sub Editor Position click here *

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