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August 4, 2017
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By Holly Ferguson & UniBank

If you’re a current or former university student it’s likely you know, and can relate to, the financial struggles that students are subjected to. From buying overpriced (and burnt) campus coffee to piles of text books that are priced at extortionate rates, there’s really no break for students on the money front. UniBank surveyed 1,020 uni students about their financial situation and the creative ways they save and make money. Here’s what they found:

In relation to financial stress and hardship, UniBank found that among students 37% are struggling to make ends meet. While 80% of students rely on family and friends for loans that help them make ends meet. 46% feel stress due to their financial situation, this stress causes 37% to have a negative impact on their grades.

When low on cash 63% of students will contact their employer for extra shifts, while finance savvy students will make extra money by selling items to friends or on gumtree.

Saving is where student creativity really comes alive. Dumpster-diving is a new trend with 7% of students taking up the movement to find not only free food but furniture and clothes! 27% of students act like true millennials by using someone else’s Netflix subscription. (That someone else usually being mum or dad.)

With most of students being on a tight budget, it’s important to ensure that you’re getting your money’s worth and making the greatest savings wherever possible. Here is UniBank’s “Survival guide for your stone-broke student years”:

Embrace the gig economy

Pick up casual work around uni, through mobile apps

like Airtasker, which provide casual income that can

be flexible around your studies. Just double check tax

requirements, so don’t get caught out at tax time.


Tip: Forget bank fees and choose an

account that’s fee-free

Those pesky little bank fees can really add up if

you’re not careful. Instead of stressing about walking

for miles to find your bank’s specific ATM, choose a

bank that lets you take money out from pretty much

anywhere fee-free (3000+ ATMs across the country).

Find out more at UniBank.


Tip: Get some kerbside inspiration

Need a few items to spruce up your share house?

Scope out the offerings during kerbside collection

time – you never know what treasures can be found in

other people’s trash. Look up the council website for

your area to check collection dates.


Tip: Use your words and channel that

inner spelling bee champion

Think you’re an ace at selling stuff on eBay? You might

still be missing something that could boost your bids.

The words you use in your listing can affect sale

prices and spelling and grammar mistakes can lower

an items’ value as well. If you want to earn a bit more,

check out these eBay selling tricks.


Tip: Make the most of banking tech

Next time you need to visit the bank, ask what cool

tech features they offer. UniBank is one of the

few banks to offers Samsung Pay, Apple Pay and

Android Pay, to customers to help make accessing

those precious funds a little easier – you can pay for

everything from a latte to a late-night kebab with your

phone. So, no need to carry a wallet or trek to an ATM

for cash.


Tip: Become a coupon king (or queen)

Use those student discounts, apps and coupons like a

pro and you’ll never have to pay full price for anything!

Students get awesome discounts on everything from

bus fares to food and clothing. And don’t forget student

nights at the pub! Check out MyUniDays as a start.


Tip: Skip the gym membership and

walk everywhere instead

This one might be a no-brainer but walking is a

seriously underrated form of exercise. It’s simple,

it’s effective, and you can do it from anywhere, FOR

FREE. If walking is too boring for you, try one of these

bodyweight moves instead.


Tip: Round up your genius friends

Join forces with your sporty mate, the history buff and

the seasoned traveller to form the ultimate trivia team.

If you dominate at trivia you could win your way to a

free pub feed! Test your Aussie trivia knowledge with a

few practice pub quizzes.


Tip: Abandon that shopping cart to

bag a bargain

When you’re shopping online, try leaving your cart for

a day or two before you buy. It’ll give you a chance to

consider if you really need that outfit, and – BONUS

– the online store might even give you a discount to

entice you back. Make sure you’re signed in or they

won’t know who you are! Check out some more

shopping secrets they don’t want you to know.


Tip: Avoid lock-in phone and tech


If your income isn’t consistent, maybe a lock-in

contract isn’t for you. Keeping a flexible budget allows

you to control more of your money, for the things you

want or need to do. Avoiding lock-in contracts where

possible is a great way to ensure you have money

available for thing things that matter most.


To find out more about UniBank visit: https://www.unibank.com.au

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