REVIEW: The Water National Tour

July 2, 2017
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By Abby Pritchard 

With the release of their new album The Water, Perth band, San Cisco, has gained quite the following with their easy-listening music and down-to-earth nature. Starting off their local tour at the Prince of Wales Hotel in Bunbury on Thursday night, they had the crowd grooving the minute they started playing.

The support acts, Boat Show and Thelma Plum were a welcomed start to the night as hundreds of people waited in anticipation for the four-piece band. The contrast between the three performers was noticeable but still held the synchronisation of indie-influenced tunes which flowed nicely into the main show. The live show really highlighted how multi-talented the group is, in particular Jordi and Scarlett blessing us with some dreamy harmonies whilst playing their signature instruments.

Lead singer, Jordi, had the crowd screaming with a head voice to die for and a hip thrust the girls melted over. The set list, a great blend of the band’s new and older songs, demonstrated their growth as musicians and composition abilities as I couldn’t tell you a song that my feet weren’t moving too. Every guy and girl was singing along to some of the favourites off the new album: Hey, Did I Do You Wrong?, The Water and Sunrise.

The band incorporates a slight techno feel with a synthesiser making an appearance in quite a few of their new songs which adds depth to the overall sound. Compared to some of their older music, the new album seems to be quite upbeat with most of the songs being of a faster tempo, but not without those much loved break downs where the vocals carry the song. If you are one who likes the indie genre, I would highly recommend San Cisco’s, The Water, as it’s nothing short of a great and easy-listening album.

So if you’re in the mood for a good Sunday night out, head down to the Astor Theatre to catch San Cisco perform live. Tickets can be found here  

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