to catch a cuppa in an equilateral triangle:

May 10, 2017
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By Ana Music 

Sifting through three brains to produce work where there is no creative conflict is the way in which Unkempt Dance functions as a collective dance band with a phenomenal album cover that jazz clicks a nonchalance cool. Initiating conversation unnaturally with questions I had prepared earlier, the setting sun uncomfortably shifts in and out of my line of focus, whilst the sweat stains on my dress begin to dry from the bike ride where my Google Maps destination was the unnumbered coffee table where both Carly Armstrong and Amy Wiseman await.

I ask them questions such as, ‘What are your thoughts on dance or a profession in the arts being labeled or recognized as a ‘hobby’ or ‘lifestyle choice’ for some?’


Art by Ana Music 

For this particular question Carly first mentions the emotional response, the disappointment. Then she explains the statistics referring to the systematic procedure of Census (The Census of Population and Housing), and how those amongst our population who dance and are ‘professionals’ are still questioning whether this is a valid profession to jot down in cursive with our dominant hand. I’d like to be reassured that we wouldn’t doublethink as dancers to state what we are. Some don’t, some do and I presume it’s up to the self, and prior understanding and growth of self that determines the declaration. Does this matter? Does this topic hold more emotional attachment for some? Is this emotional attachment an expectation in the arts? Should it, or does it have to be? Annnnnnd now we’re OFF topic, but so ON at the same time.

As my last question was posed, ‘what spread do you prefer on toast?’ The answers being vegemite (Amy) and Speculaas (Carly), three flies had flown directly in the pathway of our conversation silencing us. Three flies mating on the coffee table in the middle of an equal triangular formation of glasses had silenced us, and I found that to be the conclusion of constructive conversation.

As a fun fact here from the page of Wikipedia is the low down on the mating of flies:

‘When flies mate, the male initially flies on top of the female, facing in the same direction, but then turns around to face in the opposite direction. This forces the male to lie on his back for his genitalia to remain engaged with those of the female, or the torsion of the male genitals allows the male to mate while remaining upright. This leads to flies having more reproduction abilities than most insects, and at a much quicker rate.’

I didn’t need to know the above information and most probably nor did you, but hey. There it is.

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