May 13, 2017
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P2P-HQ: Free Peer 2 Peer assistance in the Library.


If you want to learn how to navigate Blackboard properly; how to format your assignment; need someone to guide you as you use Turnitin or PebblePad for the first time; or just feeling overwhelmed with your workload; then come and see a friendly student at Peer 2 Peer Head Quarters (P2P HQ).


The P2P HQ operates 2 hours per week day in your ECU campus library. Peers are students just like you, they have experienced the highs and lows of first year university. They can answer many of your questions, help you navigate an unfamiliar digital world, or tell you where to find help.


The P2P can help you with computer software knowledge. If there are some packages like Excel or Word, that you want help with, come and visit us. We can give you an introductory rundown of the software and help you format your assignment. You can sit near the help desk while you work with the unfamiliar packages on your laptop so we can offer guidance as you need it.


What other students have said about P2P HQ:


Very helpful, friendly, face to face


I would have dropped out if it hadn’t have been for the help….of P2P-HQ

I would like to thank ECU for providing this invaluable service which has enabled me to reach a level of confidence with my studies that I would not otherwise have achieved, and in such a short period of time.

Demi lovato once said that the best advice she could give anyone who is going through a tough time is to ask for help, and I couldn’t agree more. …I was struggling to get along with the educational system and assignments during my initial days here in ECU. Peer to Peer help session helped me through my struggle and stress to fulfil the academic requirements.                                                                                                                                              

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