ECU Guild: Vice President REMOVED

May 8, 2017
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The Vice President Academic of the ECU Student Guild, Lewis Todman, has lost his place on the guild senate.

The motion to remove Todman from the senate was passed by 80% (75% needed) of the members (and senators) in attendance, with 66 YES votes and 6 NO votes.

*This motion has been on the guild’s agenda since the first Annual General Meeting that was held (and dissolved) on the 19th of April and remained there for the subsequent failed AGM and Special General Meetings.*

The motion was moved by Emily Thompson and seconded by Steven Gregory Warren who both expressed their disappointment in Todman. They both told the meeting about his failure to respond to emails and calls, with Thompson saying “we’re just disappointed in the lack of communication and support from our Vice President.”

In responding to their statements (and others made against him) Todman spoke about his active role in informing students of federal government issues (such as increased fees) and called the motion an “undemocratic attack.”

Others who spoke for Todman, such as Thomas Freeman, reiterated Todman’s stance saying that “the guild’s first responsibility is to fight back against any attacks that are made by the government of the day.”

Freeman indicated that the “attack” against Todman by guild members was because of his alliance to the Nation Union of Students.

Following Freeman, Jordan Butler spoke for the motion. Butler called Todman a Bully and detailed expenses that the guild has paid to (and under the direction of) Todman, for what Butler claims is non-guild work.

Butler also spoke on Todman’s previous student guild endeavors at other universities, such as UWA and Curtin, “this isn’t a story about fighting a good fight like 12 Years a Slave, no this is the story entitled 10 years a student.”

A 15-minute recess was called during the speeches for and against the motion, as the Vice-President for Equity and Diversity, Aqila Burhani, was not in the room thus not making the required quorum.

Once the meeting was back in session, it was announced that Burhani had left the meeting due to feeling unwell and had proxied her vote to Simon Waddilove.

Todman asked for proof that Burhani had proxied to Waddilove. Chairman and newly elected guild President, Sam Martyn, told the meeting Burhani’s proxy would not be counted.

Martyn explained that he mistakenly called a recess because it was thought that without Burhani that quorum had not been met (quorum was in fact met without Burhani). Todman claimed Martyn had “delayed the meeting” causing students to leave.

Upon Martyn calling a recount of senators to assure quorum, Todman said, “this is an outrage” and left the meeting. This prompted another recess of thirty minutes to allow for senators to re-enter the meeting.

Todman did re-enter the meeting, speaking once more in his defense before the motion was put to a vote.

The meeting was then closed, as without Todman as a senator quorum was not met.

The next SGM is scheduled to be held on Wednesday the 10th of May.

During the recess an unverified video link entered the conference call (between Joondalup, Mount Lawley and Bunbury campuses) under the name ‘Scopia Mobile’. The link, which was projected onto a screen, showed a finger covering a phone’s camera. The ‘Scopia Mobile’ link appeared again a few minutes after the first appearance, but this time the camera was off. It is yet to be verified where the external link originated from.


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