Shitty things you shouldn’t do on social media

March 23, 2017
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By resident ‘shitty things’ writer Tristan Sherlock

Everyone has moments online where they think of something funny, see something funny or agree with something and they feel compelled to share it with their followers or friends. Now, my consensus on this situation is don’t. But who am I to stop you? Instead I’ve decided to list a bunch of things that you should never share to social.


(All comments mimicking those of my family are purely coincidental)

Those annoying ass inspirational quotes

Who are you? What is wrong with you? And why? No one needs John Green on their news feed.


Those ‘share this so a homophobe will unfriend you post’

We get it Sharron; your cousin is gay. Congrats on supporting him.


Vague posting

This one is obvious, and yes I’m guilty of this too. But no one wants to dig for drama. Just tell everyone so your close friends don’t have to … either way we’ll all find out about how your boyfriend didn’t buy you extra guac.

Please (I’m begging) no more of those gross pimple popping videos

I know they’re oddly satisfying but like stop, I procrastinate as much as it is. And now the whole world knows you’re gross. One word: respect.

Photos of your dog

I love dogs, but everyone is entitled to two photos per dog on the Internet. One photo for when they get it, and one for when it dies.

Sharing One Nation Posts

It’s far easier for you to just make a post saying you’re racist.

Vaping videos

…… lame


One last bit of advice: honestly, it’s safer to just not share posts.


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