Review: Come on Down

February 8, 2017
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By Holly Ferguson

Following my interview with the cast of Come on Down (which you can view here: , I was feeling both excited, curious and slightly scared for what was to come when I would finally see the show.

Essentially, the show was everything I expected and everything I did not expect.

From the moment you arrive you become part of the Come on Down game show experience, as a member of the studio audience. Set up just like a low budget TV studio, in a TAFE (very fitting location), the seamless production of the show fully encompasses the space.

The scenarios and characters on stage are utterly unbelievable but are executed so brilliantly that they become believable. From Simon the incredibly naïve and socially inept show presenter to the slightly insane contestant and Survivor fanatic Marty, everyone on stage is different yet similar in the way that they are all society’s outcasts.

Not a minute went by where the audience was not laughing or enjoying themselves thoroughly. Even the one surprisingly tender (and sad) moment was mixed with just the right amount of sadistic humour.

The originality of Come on Down is refreshing and is a reminder of the importance of Fringe, not only in providing great entertainment but in providing an outlet for fresh new talent to thrive.


Come on Down is playing from now till Saturday the 11th of Feb.

Tickets available at:




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