THEATRE REVIEW: Temuan [the meeting] by Pink Gajah Theatre

January 27, 2017
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By Zachary Sheridan

Singaporean actress and theatre-maker Sharda Harrison first invites the audience to make a wish for the world in her one-hour solo work, brought to Perth by producer Andrew Sutherland.

A piece centred on the space (or perhaps lack there-of) between human and animal, Temuan (the meeting) compromises storytelling, physical theatre, media, and even a bit of song – Sharda’s brother Sean does a good humming of ‘Another One Bites the Dust’.

In this performance we meet a young girl, an elderly woman, and a zookeeper. We also meet snakes, orang-utans, and a whole lot of cats. As we sift between stories, Harrison slips seamlessly and cleverly between characters, moving with precision and meaning, often under the light of visceral projection.

Throughout Temuan (the meeting) one never knows exactly where the story will lead, but there remains a strong awareness that Harrison knows something the audience does not.

As the show comes to a close and Harrison’s heart and soul are laid bare, empathy washes over all those sharing her work. If you see Temuan (the meeting), make sure you go into it with an open heart.

Flaming Locomotive STC Engine Room // Remaining Perfomances: 27-28 Jan @ 9.15PM

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