New Newton Faulkner album announced:

January 23, 2017
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By Harvie Taylor 

Newton Faulkner, the English based singer, songwriter and producer has officially started work on his 6th studio album with the help of crowd funding.

Overwhelmingly known for the song the 2007 hit, Dream Catch Me, the incredibly talented musician has recently flown under the radar with very little exposure compared with other artists.

During the last ten years he has released five albums each vastly different from the last, learning from his mistakes and adapting to keep up with modern-day music trends.

His last album Human Love was a strong step for his musical direction, though many fans disagreed with the direction it took as he stepped away from the acoustic tones seen in his previous albums.

The currently unnamed album is taking early preorders to help fund its creation. Diehard Faulkner fans have leapt at the chance to back the new album and get the exclusive rewards that come with it. In the announcement video Newton states the reason he chose to go with crowd funding is because ‘the communication is lacking with you guys (the fans)’. He is hoping by doing this he can find a complete balance between the pre and postproduction and aiming to create an album that commutates everything he has learned through his past albums.

On the 18th of January he released a snippet of one of the songs hit the ground running ,which will be on the new album. The snippet was short but sounds like a happy medium between the acoustic sounds and electric sounds prevalent in his music. It is clear from what he has said in the past and with this snippet that he is working to improve his vocals and his general musical skills.

If you are a fan of acoustic guitar and strong soothing vocals check out his pervious albums Human Love and especially studio zoo, both amazing in their own right yet vastly different!

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