Adam Driver, Star Wars villian turned bus driver in new Jim Jarmusch flick

December 2, 2016
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By Sarah Stopforth

Having recently become an avid Jim Jarmusch fan this year, I am really excited to see his latest film Paterson, starring one of my favourite performers, Adam Driver (Girls, Star Wars: The Force Awakens).

After the first thirty seconds of the trailer, I knew I wanted to see this.

Much like Jarmusch’s film about cab drivers in different cities around the world – Night On Earth Paterson follows the life of a bus driver, Paterson (Driver), in Paterson, New Jersey. Go figure. Paterson is also a poet; not much of a talker, but more of a listener. From all this listening he does, he regularly writes poems in a notebook, which he takes to work with him each day. Jarmusch’s screenplay, no doubt, will reflect his skills with words, as he had early ambitions to be a poet prior to his start in filmmaking.

What interests me most about Jarmusch’s characters is the exploration particularly with people like cab drivers and bus drivers, as it intimately dissects feelings of aloneness and, at times, loneliness, as well as finding the company of others, often strangers, enjoyable.

Jarmusch’s 12th feature film premiered at the Cannes Film Festival earlier this year, where it was in the running for the top Palm d’Or prize. Paterson also holds a near perfect score of 97% on Rotten Tomatoes, which gives me high hopes for this film about the seemingly insignificant moments in life.

Everything about this trailer is just so Jim Jarmusch – from the chessboards, to the poetry, the familiar character types, and all the little details of everyday life that are made into something so glisteningly cinematic. I can’t wait to see this.

Watch the trailer below.

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