Miss Behavin’ @ The Ellington

November 23, 2016
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By Mae Anthony
Photo: Nicole M Photography

The Ellington Jazz Club always does late night shows particularly well. They never fail to present a unique sophisticated charm regardless of the audience, whether the act is a sultry blues singer, or an all girl group taking on some of the world’s best known pop tunes with a Jazz line-up. There’s always an energy to it that makes it one of Perth’s favourite haunts.

Miss Behavin’ is a nine piece, all lady line-up who aim to add a unique touch of sexy to some all time “favourite” pop songs. With a three-piece vocal act, a three-piece horn line-up, and a three-piece rhythm section, these girls add a bit of spunk to these already spunky tunes.

The girls hit off at 11 last Saturday and covered an array of female pop anthems: tunes by Aretha Franklin, Kylie Minogue, The Pussy Cat Dolls, TLC, and Alicia Keys, among others.

Talk about tunes that empower women. In fact, this set of songs were all about pride to celebrate the annual LGBT+ event Pride Week.

The jazz arrangements of the tunes were nothing short of fun. They were eclectic, without losing the overall harmonic fullness, and the performers were great, despite a few slip-ups as a unit. These were rare and totally irrelevant; the girls carried the mood and theme with perfect character. Even the production sound was delivered well and was mostly balanced. The vocals were almost always interesting in the way they blended their individual layers of timbre together. They also used a variety of tone colours to mix things up, which is essential in creating their own unique sound. These ladies sure know what they’re doing!

They featured excellent work from the horns and members of the rhythm section who maintained the ensemble nicely and provided harmonic and melodic support in an articulate and fashionable Jazz/blues style.

You sure don’t want to miss these ladies! Try and catch a gig near you. Keep up with them on Facebook and on their website.

Here’s a sneak peak video of what they’re all about:

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