Teeter by Kristen Brownfield

August 23, 2016
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By Alexandria Fuller
Photo by Jayde Willis

Emerging Perth artist Kristen Brownfield’s recent exhibition Teeter at the Shopfront Gallery, Northbridge, did not have a single piece for sale. The evident hours and care injected into the project, for sake of sharing art, rather than for monetary gain, made this conceptual exhibition all the more interesting and a true ode to Kristen’s passion for her discipline.

Teeter was an exhibition that forced you to engage with the art, and engage with the space around you. As the name suggests, Kristen precariously placed different materials in the gallery space. As they teeter in their own space, you teeter around them. The exhibition was also pleasing aesthetically: upcycled materials such as cardboard, paint tins and string placed neatly and minimalistically around the space, but all with their independent purpose. The exhibition was a response to the gallery itself and it almost felt like an elegant construction zone.

If you want to see more of Kristen’s work you can head to

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