What Do You Carry With You?

What Do You Carry With You? – A Travel Checklist

June 9, 2016
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By Sarah Stopforth

Whether you travelling alone overseas, going on a road trip with your mates, or going out for the day here are some things you should take with you that I find helpful when I’m travelling.

A camera – iPhone and/or Film/Disposable Camera
Documenting moments, especially when you’re travelling, is the one thing you can do to make your memories tangible. You’ll be thankful when you get that film developed a year later and you have a stack of memories in your hand (or at least in your camera roll).

Notebook for scribbling down fleeting thoughts or emotions
Travelling is a time for growth and change. Having a notebook and a pencil to write down thoughts or feelings you have is the most healing thing you can do for your mind and soul. Get it down on paper. That way, thoughts and emotions won’t get lost.

Sketchpad & graphite pencils
I have always been a doodler. So when I’m in a place away from home, I love to find a spot to sit and sketch a landmark. If you’re not much of a writer this is another form of documenting the places you see.

Lucas’ Papaw Ointment
If you’re like me and get dry lips ALL THE TIME, this is an essential, especially if you’re travelling on a big jet plane or long drive.

Essential oils
Not only are essential oils a great natural beauty product, but they also smell darn great. I am never without a bottle of lavender oil. My mum used to give it to me on a tissue to help me get to sleep when I was little, and even rub it on my temples to sooth and relax. She would also burn it in our home and made our house smell glorious 24/7. To me, lavender smells like home. Find a scent that reminds you of your own home.

Vegemite or Marmite
Our national taste of home; Vegemite. In my house growing up, there was always Marmite around too (my dad’s favourite).

Hydration is so important when you’re away from home. I drink an insane amount of water, and if I don’t it really affects me, so I always have a big bottle of water on me. Stay hydrated.

Passport – up, up and away
Before you leave for that international airport, make sure you have your passport (plz).

Essential for road trips, wandering around new cities, and exploring. Plus you always look and feel 100% cooler in a pair of shades. ?

MUSIC – Headphones/iPod (life without music is not a thing)
I cannot stress enough how important music is, particularly when you’re flying solo and need the soundtrack to your life. I always pre-make mix CDs and/or playlists to fit a certain mood (this is a lost art). If this is too Stone Age for you Spotify makes some great ones if you need a place to start. When you’re away that favourite song of yours can be the most comforting thing.

A good book
When you have some time to kill – waiting at the airport or for a train (or on the ride itself) – opening a novel for some good old-fashioned escapism is an excellent way to relax and let time pass you by.

A phone or coins for a pay phone
When you’re feeling unbearably homesick call a friend or your family. Talking to someone from home to vent your emotions is never a bad idea. Don’t feel embarrassed to call mummy or daddy.

If you are in a place where phones are not a thing or you have no reception, photographs are the best. Images of home, or people who represent home, will invoke comforting emotions and memories. They are a reminder that home is still there and will be there upon your return. I keep Polaroids of people and places of importance to me. Keep a few in a book for safekeeping.

A sense of home
“I don’t leave home without…taking my idea of home with me.” ~ Gemma Ward

Before you leave, remind yourself where your home lies – where you family is, where your friends are, where you spent your childhood. When you know where your home is, you can then figure out ways to take little pieces of home with you wherever you go.

A reason
We all grow up. We all move on. We all change. Leaving ‘home’, whatever that may be, is inevitable. You just have to discover for yourself why you have to leave. You might want to see the world, discover what’s out there. Whatever your reason, you will know yourself better and what you want out of home.

Now you have everything you need. So, get out there, out of your comfort zone, to find the magic, and yourself.

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