Matt Damon Re-BOURNE in Another F*cking Jason Bourne Movie

June 9, 2016
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By Kitty Turpin

If you’re a Matt Damon fan or, even better, a Jason Bourne fan, you were probably stoked to hear that Universal Pictures was rebooting the franchise with Matt Damon as the original Jason Bourne (none of that Aaron Cross bullshit in sight).

Jason Bourne is out of hiding (again) after several years since the conclusion of the trilogy with The Bourne Ultimatum. Of course, Bourne just rocking up always sets governments on edge, and another program to kill Bourne is created.

The trailer shows what Bourne fans love – an action packed movie full of car chases, fight scenes, explosions and, of course, a very determined and confused looking Matt Damon on the run.

Jason Bourne is in cinemas July 28.

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