Glitter, Garters and Tease

Glitter, Garters and Tease – A Show To Titillate Your Senses

June 30, 2016
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By Kitty Turpin
Photos by Sita Carolina, feature image of Kitty Litteur.

There is no other way to end the Perth International Burlesque Festival but with cabarets’ finest from all over the world. Glitter, Garters and Tease was a night to feast the senses in Perth’s Astor Theatre – a fitting setting, with its art deco style pulling you back to burlesque’s finest era.

British performer Amber Topaz was MC for the night. She played on her repertoire of sexual innuendos, a sultry voice that could change accents in a heartbeat, and, my god, can this woman sing! Her jokes never got old; her audience was receptive and amused by her character. Amber Topaz was a show in herself, but with any good MC, never encroached on the remarkable talent she was introducing.

My favourite act of the night would be Kitty Litteur. She performed some classic bump and grind (the standard of a simple burlesque act) that featured her award winning nipple tassel twirling skills. Her cheeky and humorous character lit up on stage especially when her bra came off and the tassels came out.

While Kitty Litteur made us scream for her incredible bust, Miss Gail Force silenced the audience with a breathtaking aerial hoop act. Her control over this thin 3-4m pole and hoop kept me on the edge.


Burlesque isn’t all about the ladies. Glitter, Garters and Tease provided two fantastic boylesque acts including Perth’s Pirateman who performed with, what Amber Topaz called, his “glowing rods”. But quite literally they were two glowing staves that put on a complex and entertaining lightshow.

Glitter, Garters and Tease ended with burlesque royalty, the Australian Imogen Kelly, showing exactly why she is the World Queen of Burlesque, a title she won in Las Vegas. If you have never seen Imogen perform before, make sure you do. Her acts are otherworldly, with costumes that are incredibly intricate and innovative. Gracing the stage as a giant tropical bird, and slowly revealing herself under layers of other bird characters, Imogen revived her tired audience.

Glitter, Garters and Tease was an assortment of cabaret with the best in burlesque, boylesque and circus gracing the Astor Theatre stage. The amount of original talent in this show was incredible to experience and the perfect way to finish the Perth International Burlesque Festival. Bring on 2017!

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