Screenophilia Exhibition 2016

May 24, 2016
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By Sarah Stopforth
Photo by Alister Edwards

Film and video’s SCREENOHPHILIA exhibition syndicates the past, present, and future of the screen.

Every semester the Screen Evolution class presents innovative screen art installations in their own exhibition.

I did this unit last year, with the one and only George Karpathakis, and it was the best.

This year T.V. is back!

Film and video lecturer and tutor extraordinaire Tanja Visosevic is behind it all, and I crashed her seminar on Thursday to talk to her and her class of Film Artists about their upcoming exhibition on June 2nd.

“Screenophilia is an exhibition as part of Screen Evo[lution] unit. It started about ten years ago when I realised there was kind of a niche in the market, especially for young emerging filmmakers to make the most of what’s happening and how things are changing. So I thought it would be great to create a unit where they actually get to create screen art. Rather than just a theory unit, finding a way to do it in a creative way; putting the theory to practice. Essentially, allowing them to see heaps of potentials out there in terms of their own screen future.” says Tanja on the unit.

Savannah Fletcher

The exhibition features a huge variety of pieces made by the students of the unit.

Get ready to be transported into a virtual reality with one of Shane van Litsenborgh pieces. The other comments on how we are spoon-fed information by modern movies.

Become disassociated between what you see and what you hear, through immersive cinema by Brent Paradise.

Watch James Brock’s “Street Fighter Shadow Play” when he takes the century-old shadow puppet concept and re-imagines it into a modern day context.

Experience a metamorphosis as Kate Parker makes you experience the screen through the eyes of a different creature.

Trip-out into a dream machine and float into an all-natural high in “Get High With Tai” in the Specialist Voice-Over Suite created by Taihra Swaine.

See all of these and more at SCREENOPHILIA, which commences at 6 – 9pm on June 2nd (for one night only) in Building 6 at ECU Mount Lawley.

It’s a brilliant, fun evening, and you will get to experience something rare; the progression of that thing, the screen, through the eyes of Australia’s future filmmakers.

Exhibiting artists for 2016:

Anthony Ajay Bean, James Brock, Abigail Cocken, Bruce Culverwell, Ruby Darge, Taran Dunn, Viktor Garpasrik, Thomas Gouvignon, Vivien Hegedus, Rakim Kaldas, Karanveer Singh, Emily Leishman, Isaac Mendelawitz, Luke Morgan, Kiara Nguyen, Jamie North, Kate Parker, Jonathan Pettigrew, Jordon Prince-Wright, Brenton Rossow, Callum Shale, Devon Smith, Jacob Steenson, Taihra Swaine, Georgina Tannock-Jones, Shane Van Litsenborgh, Jarrod White, Elizabeth Younger

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