Amistat @ The Rosemount

April 4, 2016
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By Mae Anthony
Photo by Peter Mundy

From the hip and happening city of Melbourne, Amistat, in conjunction with The Rosemount, treated Perth to an intimate gig nestled in the corner bar of one of Perth’s most prominent live music venues. The cosy, dimly-lit Four5Nine bar was the perfect setting for this heartfelt acoustic duo. A pleasant gig to wind down the demise of the weekend and a sufficient anecdote to ease those unsettling Sunday woes, one that could only be sourced by nothing other than The Rosemount’s solid music programming.

Opening the gig was solo artist Bryan Rice Daltan, an Irish-born solo artist who resides here in Perth. A very charismatic and suitable introduction to Amistat, he sang songs of love, loss and travel, with an element of distant storytelling of a solo acoustic act far-flung from that of Australian shores.

Twin-brothers, Jan and Josef Prasil, make up the dynamic duo that is Amistat. Their hour-long set exhibited impeccable musicianship. I was instantly drawn to them the moment they started playing their earthy, melodious guitar licks. With multi-layered voices that set the foundation for the gorgeous blend of harmonies between the two, it felt as though there were more voices on stage through this full and very present quality of their voices. Docile tunes from voices sweeter than honey, paired with the sensitive content of their music, made for a thoroughly enjoyable listening experience.

A soft and gentle delivery of both song and poetry was carried, not just in their music, but in the performance and in their stage presence. This amiable transmission of deeply profound messages, particularly of the lonely and rewarding life of being a musician on the road, missing people, and the importance of communicating in a busy, ever-growing complex world, was one of the most genuine musical deliveries I’ve seen in both musical essence and performance. Not to mention their humble and alluring sense of humour that added contrast to the deeply profound music filled to the brim with both heart and soul.

The Rosemount’s ability to deliver such a unique and exotic pair of musicians is why they stand as one the best live-music venues in Perth. Amistat have just released their new album ‘parley’ and have finished an album launch tour around the country. Catch a gig if you can – if ever you’re in Melbourne, or they happen to venture back to Perth – they are a musical treat not to be missed.

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