The Rooftop Movies Experience

February 26, 2016
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By Sarah Stopforth

The idea of watching Elliott and E.T. ride on a bicycle into the sky and off the screen into the actual sky off a rooftop in Perth was too beautiful an image to pass up.

After a rather steamy and crowded lift ride to the sixth floor of a car park building, Rhys and I arrived at Rooftop Movies, accompanied with the pastel skies of a Perth Summer evening. The smell of beer and wood fired pizza also welcomed us as we found our seats in some seriously comfortable beanbags. Watching the sun disappear behind the city lights added an incomparable vibe, as our cinema got darker and darker. Then E.T. began, and all of the memories from a four-year-old me watching the film for the first time came rushing back, and my body was immediately filled with nostalgia, with a backdrop of twinkling stars.

The fact the Rooftop Movies not only shows new release films, but also cult classics like E.T., Pulp Fiction and The Princess Bride, makes the venue stand out as not only a rooftop cinema in the heart of Northbridge, but a destination movie-house to catch your favourite classics movie on the big screen.

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