Up & Coming: Segue Safari

January 30, 2016
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Words by Mae Anthony
Photo by Kitty Turpin

I got to catch up with the 70s pop revival band, Segue Safari. They have been working in the Perth music scene since the beginning of 2015 as a second incarnation of front man Jeremy Segal’s previous musical project. Segue Safari draws influence from John Lennon’s solo work and, particularly, from the late David Bowie. Band members include Jeremy Segal on lead-vocals and guitar, Daniel Zeljko on guitar and synth, Sam Blitvich on bass and vocals, and Jacob Sartori on drums and vocals.

Why ‘Segue Safari’?
JSe: The name was inspired by my experience going on a Segway Safari whilst on holiday with my family in South Africa a few years prior to the construction of the initial band project. Changing the spelling of Segway to ‘Segue’ was my friend (Tom) Freeman’s idea, who’s another local musician.
SB: We tend to hear many humorous, yet understandable, mispronunciations of the name.

Who writes for the band?
JSe: I tend to write the chords melody and lyrics of each song. The band helps piece it together and arrange it. I feel rather hopeless when it comes to being able to hear how the whole thing will sound so this is where these guys come in. They make it sound like something.

How would you describe your involvement in the Perth Music Scene?
JSe: I like to think that we’re there.
SB: We’re finding now that we’re starting to get some recognition. There is a ‘before’ period where people seem to sit outside of the ‘Perth Music Scene’ where they’re not what’s considered ‘hip’ and ‘happening’ yet. It takes time to get yourself noticed.
JSa: There is definitely a hip factor to it.
SB: Once you’re inside the ‘hip circle’ then The Bird will give you a show and you are in the Perth Music Scene.
JSe: Playing at community events, such as the WAM Festival and RTR’s Distant Murmurs event, has been really affirming of what we’re doing in Perth.
Roughly how many gigs do you do a year?
JSe: Roughly a gig a fortnight, depending on what’s happening. There was nothing happening when I went away for two months.
SB: We didn’t tell him but we kept playing. Everyone liked us more without Jez. Daniel sang.
JSe: Oh yes I’ve heard him sing, he has a delicious, angelic voice.

Have you got any exciting gigs or highlights planned this year?
JSe: We had RTR Distant Murmurs Festival (January 16th) and we have an EP launch coming up soon. We were on RTR recently. It’s early in the year, but these are probably our biggest ones so far.
SB: We start recording for another EP soon, potentially within the next month. A Bunbury gig would be amazing. Something like the Prince of Wales in Bunbury would be a good experience.

You have been working on an EP! How long for and when will it be released? Do you feel it represents a certain type of evolution?
SB: Jeremy started recording for the EP just before we started playing together.
JSe: We were playing around with things before we started as a band and recorded one track that made it onto the Friends EP. We started recording other tracks before I went to Europe, back in June (2015) and the first thing I did when I got home was start mixing.
DZ: The EP launch is booked for the 27 February at four5nine.
JSe: Our sound has changed from the previous one. That was a totally different band with more of a 60s psychedelic-rock sound. This EP is more lo-fi due to us recording it ourselves…using a really bad laptop.
SB: With really good mics!
JSe: I think we are starting to see some evolution in our new songs. Not the ones on the EP we’re about to put out, but ones we are working on for the next EP.
JSa: They’re not different but they have a distinct sound.
SB: The EP that we’re about to put out represents the step before where we are right now, and how things have developed.

Short/long-term Band goals?
JSe: We’d love to play In the Pines at some point.
JSa: We’re really keen to do this next EP and then maybe do an album. We’ve got a lot to shoot for.
JSe: It would be cool to do a tour over east, if we had the money, the right connections and booked shows with bands doing similar stuff. That would be a real achievement.

Catch the band at four5nine Bar on February 27th for their EP Launch.

Find them on facebook at: facebook.com/seguesafari

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