Bruno Booth “Gradual” @ The Butcher Shop, Northbridge

October 4, 2016
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By Alexandria Fuller
Photo by  Jamie Noble

Gradual’ is Fremantle artist Bruno Booth’s seamless body of work created during his artist residency at The Butcher Shop, Northbridge. The exhibition, running from Thursday 29 September – Thursday 13 October 2016, is filled with geometric shapes, impeccable gradients in pinks and turquoise and my favourite part: the culturally relevant, intertextual titles such as “Fifty four year old sex therapist collaborates with Stormzy on new sneakers”.

Gradual’ is an exploration into time and change, referencing our constant state of metamorphosis whilst always encompassing the states in between. One thing gradually becomes another.  Bruno Booth has managed to create a body of work that is conceptual, however refreshingly easy to understand. If you aren’t into the conceptual side, the work is pleasing enough to work solely on aesthetic merit.

I highly recommend you check this out if you’re a fan of good Perth artists, if you need a new piece for your home, or you simply just want to go and read the other fun fifteen titles.

An Exhibition by Bruno Booth
The Butcher Shop, 276 William Street, Northbridge.
Opens: Thursday 29 September 2016, 6 – 9pm
Exhibition Runs Until: Thursday 13 October 2016

Artists Website:
Artists Instagram:

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